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Wei  Zhang

Principal Investigator

B.Sc. Beijing Normal University

Ph.D. Mount Sinai Hospital/University of Toronto

Postdoc. The Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto

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I was born in a small town Yongji (actually the capital city of ancient China under Emperor Shun >4000 years ago!) in the Yellow River region, the birthplace of Chinese civilization. In Beijing I did my undergraduate before coming to Toronto to pursue MSc with John Heddle at York University to do cytogenetics and mutation research. After that I obtained PhD in Daniel Durocher lab at the Lunenfeld Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital and Department of Molecular Genetics at University of Toronto. With Dan I learned about using molecular biology, genetics, and cell biology to understand genome stability, DNA repair, and telomere biology. Meanwhile I graduated from a two-year radiation medicine program (EIRR21, now STARS21) in the Department of Radiation Oncology at University of Toronto and held a Certificate in Project Management from University of Toronto. With a CIHR fellowship and later a Mitacs Elevate Fellowship I further conducted postdoctoral work in the labs of Sachdev Sidhu and Jason Moffat in the Donnelly Centre at University of Toronto. I learned from Dev and Jason how to “modulate” cell signalling using protein engineering, synthetic biology, and systems biology approaches. Here in my own lab I propose to combine the expertise I gained from my PhD and Postdoc studies to further understand and modulate DNA damage responses for novel cancer therapeutics.